Who We Help

“Coming Home Connection” was named for the service of connecting an ill or disabled person with the help they need after coming home from the hospital.  But we are also the “Staying Home Connection!”  The largest number of people we serve have simply reached a time in their lives when they need assistance with activities of daily living in order to live out their lives in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own homes.  Staying at home through the end of life is not only the preference of nearly everyone facing this passage:  it is also the most economically viable option for society as a whole.  Coming Home Connection stands ready to meet the demand in our community for assistance with aging in place. 

Since receiving our non-profit status in 2007, we have had 24 board members and over 30 people working and volunteering in the office. Over 500 trained volunteer and professional caregivers have helped care for hundreds of clients. Since 2017, by every measure Coming Home Connection has increased its services to elders and our other clients. Please read on for the statistics that tell this story.

From 2017 to 2019 we:

Scheduled 147,903 care hours.

21,385 home visits were made ...

By 80+ volunteer and professional caregivers.

Care Hours

Clients Served

Home Visits

Annual Stats 2021

# hours of care: 37,000
# home visits: 4,815
# clients served: 59 caregiving 41 navigation
# of caregivers: 12 volunteer and 42 paid

Home Visits

Annual Stats 2019

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