Coming Home connection


Ellen London

Executive Director

Ellen’s twenty-five years in non-profit and community service covers California, DC and now New Mexico.  She has worked collaboratively to build systems that maximize the resources of public and private agencies, businesses and faith-based organizations. With a deep commitment to the value of each voice, she believes the best way to ensure the effectiveness of services is to listen to the people being served, partners, funders and policy makers.  Ellen is delighted to lead an organization that is dedicated to serving the community with compassion and dignity and to continue the tradition of excellence in care.

Anne Montano

Manager of Caregiving

Anne has worked with caregivers and clients for more than ten years, most recently as the Executive Director at Pacifica Senior Living.  She has extensive experience finding caregivers to meet the needs of older adults, and helping caregivers find just the right fit for them.  She believes a good match of client and caregiver is the key to long-lasting care.  Anne excels at building smart systems to serve people in need of care, with a keen blend of operations and compassion. 

Oscar Herrera

Health Navigator

Oscar has worked to provide care and resources to older adults since 2015.  He has been a direct caregiver in residential facilities as well as in the homes of those needing extra care and support.  More recently, Oscar was a community support worker for three years with Presbyterian Medical Services.  He supported older adults and adults with behavioral health disorders, helping them navigate public and community resources to improve their quality of life and maintain their ability function in the community.  He has a keen understanding of the challenges facing many of our neighbors and has a great network of fellow professionals dedicated to helping residents overcome barriers to their well-being.  Oscar earned a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, Cum Laude, and continues his professional education through trainings and peer learning.  

Ruth Vineyard

Manager of Client and Community Outreach

Caregiving, empowerment and advocacy are at the heart of Ruth’s career.  Through family experience, her caregiving lead to social work and service coordination in Wisconsin and Nebraska.  She spent many years in state government, culminating in her work as Deputy Director, Division of Medicaid and Long-Term Care at the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.  Throughout her career, caregiving remained her passion, including guiding clients and families through hospice care.  She has been caregiving in Santa Fe for the past two years, including time with Coming Home Connection.  She brings all of this experience to her new work that will expand our services and deepen our impact as a collaborative partner in Santa Fe’s fabric of care.