We offer a full range of non-medical in-home support services from companionship and supervision, to intimate personal care for the disabled, bed-bound and dying. Our caregivers can assist with the regular tasks of daily living, including meal preparation, light housework, assistance with pets, grocery shopping, rides to medical appointments, supervision of medicines, showering and bathing, dressing and toileting. Caregivers also accompany clients to social activities and outings. Caregivers can be scheduled from once or twice a week for a few hours, to a 24/7 presence for longer periods of time.

Coming Home Connection caregivers offer their services on a sliding scale starting at $25 per hour (private agencies in Santa Fe typically charge between $30 – $45 per hour). Clients choose the rate of pay depending on their ability to pay (income and assets), the level of skill and care needed, and the number of hours required. CHC office staff are trained to discuss this with the client to arrive at an affordable and fair rate of pay. Caregivers are paid directly by clients, and Coming Home Connection makes no charge for its referral and scheduling service.

As a small, community-based organization, we pride ourselves on knowing our caregivers and making referrals to clients based on their needs and the level of skilled care required, as well as the personality and interests of both client and caregiver. Because of our up-front consideration of all these factors, we find that most of our referrals work out the first time. However, if the initial referral does not work for either for the client or the caregiver, CHC will endeavor to find alternates.

Once care needs and a schedule has been agreed to, we will schedule regular caregiver(s) to ensure consistency of care. If these caregivers are unavailable, CHC will schedule appropriate coverage in consultation with the client. Heavier schedules (including 24/7 care) and volunteer cases may require a larger number of caregivers, sometimes including caregivers who are new to the client, but CHC tries to keep these circumstances to a minimum.

CHC asks that clients provide a minimum of 24 hours’ notice; 48 hours is preferred. This enables caregivers to plan their time and to schedule other clients. If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice you will be asked to pay the caregiver for the scheduled shift, unless there is an emergency or a reason out of your control.  Be aware that CHC is closed on the weekend and are not available to find substitute caregivers. 

Caregivers will drive clients’ cars if one is available and it is insured for other drivers. If there is no car available, caregivers may drive their own cars. There is no charge for short trips, but if there are long and/or frequent trips in the caregiver’s car, the caregiver may charge $ .54.5 /mile (the US government standard rate) to the client. This is to be negotiated between the client and caregiver.

Yes, all CHC caregivers receive training appropriate to the level of care that they will be providing to clients. (Link to Training page?)

No, CHC caregivers are not bonded.

Clients pay caregivers directly, as independent contractors. Caregivers will provide invoices and can be paid in cash or by check on an agreed-upon schedule. Depending on the client’s ability to manage financial responsibilities, a family member or friend may be designated as the payor.

Coming Home Connection offers free care by volunteers to those without means to pay. Our capacity to provide volunteer care is limited by the number and availability of these volunteers. If you are unable to pay for services, explain your situation and your need to the CHC staff member taking your care request.

No, CHC cannot guarantee help for everyone who requests it. While we would like to help everyone who asks, there will always be greater demand for care than CHC can provide. When CHC declines to accept a case, decisions are made collectively by our staff based on the following criteria:

1) need – whether there are other alternatives,

2) suitability – whether we are the best agency to meet the need, and

3) capacity – whether we have trained caregivers available.

If CHC cannot accept a case, we try to direct people to other services that can help, such as Senior Services, Kitchen Angels, transport agencies and private agencies. Our Navigator, Oscar Herrera, can help to guide you in finding the resources you need. Please see this link for additional resources.

Requests for care are processed as they are received. Usually we can arrange for services to begin within one to two weeks from the initial inquiry. We have been able to staff emergency cases, particularly those referred by hospitals, clinics and hospice providers, in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Volunteer care cases typically take a little longer to fill. Rarely, it happens that all of our qualified caregivers are working at capacity and we are unable to fill a request for care. In those cases, we make referrals to private caregiving agencies whose work we know and trust.

Contact the Coming Home Connection office at 505-988-2468, or stop in to see us. A member of the staff will talk with you about your health care needs and assist you in making a care request if appropriate. In making the care request, you will be asked about the medical history of the client, including name of his or her physician and any other agency involved in care; other people or pets in the home; what assistance is needed by the client, how much and how often; as well as basic information such as name, age, date of birth, address and phone numbers.

Generally, expenses are “out of pocket” for clients. In some instances, Coming Home Connection can work with clients to provide the documentation required by their Long-term Care Insurance provider in order for them to recover their costs of caregiving.