about us

For over ten years Coming Home Connection has provided skilled and compassionate in-home care to those in need in Santa Fe, New Mexico and nearby communities.  As a non-profit organization, we charge no administrative overhead, covering those costs instead through grants and donations.  The independent caregivers who work through us provide their services at moderate rates, and we are able to provide some care for free to those clients who lack any ability to pay.  All of our caregivers, both paid professionals and volunteers, are trained and background checked.  They are committed to honoring the dignity and privacy of each care recipient, and providing the highest quality of care. We specialize in care for the elderly and disabled adults, dementia respite, end-of-life and hospice support, and post-operative care.

Mission statement

Coming Home Connection trains, places and supports volunteer and professional caregivers in homes and other settings where help is needed, to assist clients and their families through sickness, old age and the end of life. 

Our history

   “Newly transplanted to Sydney, 21-year-old Scott Carl delighted in running on the beach and eating mangoes.  He had a job, a spot on a pick-up rugby team and plans to study architecture.  Instead, he fell or was pushed down the stairwell of his apartment building, and suffered a traumatic brain injury.
His mother Glenys flew to Australia to support him in any way she could.  Skillful medical practitioners saved his life, but there came a time when there was nothing more that could be done for him at the hospital.  In a strange country far from family and friends, Glenys needed to find a connection with caregiving support when Scott came home.”

Our caregivers

(Paid Caregivers)

Summary of paid caregivers which is continued on the Our Caregivers page.

(Volunteer Caregivers)

Summary of volunteer caregivers which is continued on the Our Caregivers page.

Training at coming home connection

Training at Coming Home Connection summary to be continued on Training page